About Us

Welcome to the TIU website. We’re all about keeping the sport fun and fair for everyone.

Our job is to make sure all the matches you see are on the up and up. We watch out for any funny business like point-shaving or illegal betting that could mess things up. We also help enforce the rules so all the players are treated the same.

On this site, we’ll give you lots of cool info about the pro tours and how to follow all the top players. There are guides for learning new skills if you want to play, too. We’ll break down match stats and explain what’s happening on the court so you can really understand the game.

Most importantly, we want tennis to be a sport everyone can enjoy. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, whether you watch or play – this site is here to help you love the sport more! So have fun exploring.

Our Story

Our passion for this amazing sport is what led us to found the Tennis Integrity Unit. From our earliest days learning the game in local parks, to becoming huge devotees of all things tennis, we’ve always been driven by our love for it.

That’s why we created this platform – to connect with others who share our enthusiasm. We want a place where the whole tennis community can come together. Somewhere we can all keep learning and growing in our appreciation for what makes this sport so great.

Meet the Team

Darinka has been swinging a racket since she could walk. After a successful run in amateur women’s leagues, Darinka transitioned to coaching, bringing over a decade of experience to her role. She’s particularly passionate about junior development, a field she’s specialized in for the last six years, and she’s a certified expert in advanced tennis techniques.

Darinka stays on top of her game by analyzing the latest gear used by champions—everything from rackets to shoes—and she’s an expert at crafting training exercises that are used by top athletes.

Adrian’s been studying tennis as long as he’s been playing. He can break down the techniques of all the pros, past and present. But don’t think he just knows the theory – Adrian will give you strategies you can use out on the court, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

So make sure to check out all the awesome articles, videos, and more these tennis experts put out.

Our Mission

We take our roles seriously – making sure anything posted here is fully truthful and accurate. You should never have to worry we’re giving you bogus info! We’re also dedicated to constantly learning more ourselves so we can keep sharing top-notch content.

Most of all though, we want this to be a place where everyone feels free to share their passion for tennis. Whether you’re looking for pro stats, coaching tips, or just to geek out about Wimbledon for hours – this is your spot. We’ll do our part to fuel all kinds of awesome discussions among fans.

Stay With Us

Unlike other sites, we’re right in the action on courts around the world. We bring both practical know-how from playing ourselves, and expert knowledge from talking with the best. Most of all, our passion for the sport is 100% real.

We’re always working to get better around here at TIU. We like to keep our coverage updated on what’s new in tennis. That means paying attention to changes in the game itself and all the latest gear.