The Benefits of a Rooftop Tennis Court – And Why Some Property Owners Prefer Them

Rooftop Tennis Court

For some people, thinking about rooftop tennis courts may bring to mind the famous scene from the movie The Royal Tenenbaums. In it, Richie and Margot are shown playing doubles on an outdoor court located on a roof. Another image one could envision is luxury hotels offering amenities like the Four Seasons in Dallas, which has tennis courts constructed on its roof.

However, many homeowners these days are choosing this same type of building project. They do so to increase the value of their property. Understanding the dimensions of tennis courts and how to build one at home is crucial for ensuring the feasibility and practicality of such an investment.

And there are some advantages to constructing a rooftop tennis court. Let’s check the benefits in the following sections.

So, What Are the Benefits?

Rooftop Tennis Court

Building a tennis court on the roof may seem peculiar to some. But think about it – why not use space up high when you got it? A court overhead means more room below for other activities without losing out. Plus it adds value to your home by giving folks a fun new feature to enjoy.

When considering what a tennis court is made of, the materials are chosen for durability and performance, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment and playability.

Guests are sure to get a kick out of swinging a racket with a view! It turns your place into something special compared to others. So a rooftop court is a smart way to make better use of what you already own while increasing what it’s worth down the line.

And Why People Prefer Installing Them?

Why Some Property Owners Prefer Rooftop Tennis Court

A tennis court built on the roof will surely provide beautiful views of your surroundings unlike playing anywhere else. The scenery could include tall skyscrapers, unique city streets below, or even the beach or mountains depending on what’s nearby. You may worry some about balls rollin’ off the edge, but don’t fret – your contractor can add nets or fences to the design to keep everything in play.

Besides the one-of-a-kind experience, a rooftop court will give your home or building extra flair and personality. It’s a fancy feature owners and guests will both appreciate, making your place stand out from the rest.

Additionally, having tennis overhead turns out to be quite practical when you think about it. Like for apartment complexes with limited ground space, going up top conserves room below for other amenities.

Besides tennis, pickleball can also be enjoyed on a rooftop court, offering a versatile option for players of all ages and skill levels to engage in a friendly match with stunning vistas as their backdrop.

And if the land underneath ain’t suited for a court due to wet or unstable conditions, the roof provides a fine solution. So whether you want fun or function, a tennis court on the roof covers both very well!

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