Editorial Policy

The Tennis Integrity Unit is dedicated to maintaining and promoting the integrity of tennis. Our editorial content supports this mission by providing accurate, trustworthy, and informative content about anti-corruption efforts, fair play initiatives, and integrity in tennis worldwide.

Our Content

Accuracy and Accountability

We commit to accuracy in all our publications. Our content is carefully checked for factual accuracy and is updated regularly to reflect the most current information and developments in tennis integrity.


Our editorial content is produced independently of any tennis governing bodies or players. While we collaborate with these entities to promote integrity, our content remains free from influence by these groups.

Fairness and Impartiality

We aim to cover all aspects of tennis integrity without bias. Our content provides a balanced view, offering insights into the various challenges and successes in maintaining fair play in tennis.

Source Transparency

We disclose our sources unless doing so could compromise the source’s security or our investigations. Our commitment is to be open about where and how we gather our information.

Editorial Process

Research and Validation

We rigorously vet information through multiple sources to ensure reliability. This includes official data, interviews with experts, and in-depth analysis.

Editorial Review

Each piece of content is reviewed by experts in sports integrity before publication to ensure it meets our high standards for quality and relevance.


We are committed to promptly correcting any errors identified in our content, with edits clearly noted to maintain transparency with our audience.

Ethics and Compliance


Originality is paramount in our content creation. We ensure all content is original and cite sources appropriately.

Conflict of Interest

Contributors disclose any relationships that might affect their reporting, ensuring content remains unbiased and focused on tennis integrity.


We uphold strict standards of privacy and confidentiality, particularly when dealing with sensitive information related to investigations and integrity issues.

Engagement with the Community

Feedback and Complaints

We value input from our readers and the tennis community. Concerns and feedback can be directed to our editorial team, and we are committed to addressing them swiftly.

Community Contributions

Contributions from the tennis community are encouraged, provided they align with our editorial standards and mission.

Updates to Policy

This Editorial Policy is reviewed annually to ensure it remains effective and relevant based on evolving standards in sports journalism and integrity.