How to Play Pickleball on a Tennis Court? And Why Is It Getting Popular?

Pickleball guide

Pickleball is a fun racquet sport that’s growing in popularity as an alternative to tennis

It was invented way back in 1965 on an island in Washington state. And it is actually the official sport of Washington?

With the smaller court size and lighter balls/paddles compared to tennis gear, I think Pickleball makes it easy for more people to join in the fun.

Easier to Learn

The rules for pickleball are really simple to understand and the court is smaller too. This makes it easy for new people to start playing and have fun right away, not like tennis where it takes longer to learn.

The smaller size of the pickleball court and the special paddles help make the game very easy to get the hang of.

Lower Physical Demand

One thing I like about pickleball is that the court is smaller than other sports. This means I don’t have to do as much running around compared to something like tennis. I can just enjoy hitting the ball back and forth without getting too worn out.

Social Aspect

Pickleball rules

Playing pickleball is as much about having fun with friends as it is about the game. The small, friendly environment makes everyone feel included. It also helps you work as a team with your partner.


Pickleball is also really easy on your wallet compared to tennis. You don’t need super expensive gear – just a paddle and balls. And since you can use tennis courts, there’s no need to build special pickleball courts either. Aldo, you’ll have to lower the net height. This makes it so whole neighborhoods and towns can enjoy the game without breaking the bank.


Pickleball on tennis court

The rules of pickleball are easy for anyone to learn. Both kids and grownups can play without issues. Even grandparents will pick it up with no problem. And since it’s so simple no matter your age, it makes for a great family activity for all to enjoy some exercise and fun competition together.

Shorter Duration

It’s not always easy to make time for fun activities when life gets so busy. But that’s what I really appreciate about pickleball – the matches don’t take as long as other sports. So it’s perfect for squeezing in even on days that are packed full.

Less Space Required

Cities and neighborhoods don’t need to build huge new sports areas – they can just add pickleball courts where tennis courts already are. More courts means everyone gets a chance to join in the fun.

And pickleball is a great workout too! You can burn 250 to even 600 calories an hour while playing.

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