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Convert a tennis net to pickleball height easily with this guide.
Darinka Aleksic

How To Successfully Lower a Tennis Net For Pickleball – The Easy Way

When you’re puttin’ up your pickleball net, the most important thing is making sure their posts are at just the right height. See, the folks over at USAPA – they’re the ones in charge of pickleball – say the middle of the net should be exactly 36 inches off the ground. Now if’n you’re takin’

Pickleball guide
Adrian Barry

How to Play Pickleball on a Tennis Court? And Why Is It Getting Popular?

Pickleball is a fun racquet sport that’s growing in popularity as an alternative to tennis It was invented way back in 1965 on an island in Washington state. And it is actually the official sport of Washington? With the smaller court size and lighter balls/paddles compared to tennis gear, I think Pickleball makes it easy